SealedAir Brand TempGuard is a 100% recyclable packaging solution developed for shipping prepackaged, temperature sensitive goods. The product's thermal insulation is constructed from heavy-duty kraft paper containing a uniform inner padding, which provides superior insulating properties.


- Insulated liners were tested to pass ISTA 7E standards to ensure contents maintain proper temperature.
- Flexible liner pads are available in 14 mm thickness and can be used for frozen, refrigerated and ambient payloads for up to a 48 hour duration.
- Paper Liners wick moisture reducing payload condensation.
- Made from 100% pre-consumer recycled paper material.
- 100% curbside recyclable and can be placed directly in your recycling bin along with the box.


TempGuard can be used in multiple markets: seafood, confectionery, ready meal and pet vaccines.

  • Damage Reduction

TempGuard padded box liner cushions absorb moisture, maintain temperatures and protect goods from impact damage ensuring the items arrive save and fresh reducing food waste.

  • Cube Optimization

Flexible thermal pads are only 14 mm thick and conform to contents allowing to use smaller external cartons and reducing shipping costs.

  • Customer Experience

Thermal pads are constructed from heavy-duty Kraft paper containing uniform inner padding which is 100% recyclable making disposal easy.

Available Sizes

14 mm thick insulative paper used with the following carton ID's:


Pad Size:
290 mm x 800 mm


Pad Sizes:
290 mm x 800 mm
305 mm x 305 mm

Carton Size:
250 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm


Pad Sizes:
340 mm x 940 mm
305 mm x 305 mm

Carton Size:
300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm


Pad sizes:
390 mm x 1100 mm
305 mm x 305 mm

Carton Size:
355 mm x 355 mm x 355 mm